Dear Someone,

Cats are good pets because theyíre clean, take themselves to the bathroom and you donít have to walk them, theyíre not loud and donít jump all over people, and theyíre small and donít take up much space.Because of all the good things cats can give you they make the best pet ever!

With my cats I see them lick themselves daily and you donít need to walk them or pick up after they go to the bathroom on the lawn.They may have accidents when you first get them because they donít know where the litter box is or where to go to get outside.Once they get used to the location of the litter box or the door to outside they will usually always use it.†† With all the extra time you save you could do more things around your house.You could even use all the extra time to play with your cat.

Cats are usually very quiet and you donít have to worry about your neighbors complaining there is too much loud barking.Cats will meow but itís never too loud.When your in your living room relaxing on your couch you donít have to worry about your cat jumping on you and knocking you over and breaking your bones.You never have to worry about your cat jumping on top of you and pinning you to the couch for hours.Your cat will sit on your lap and purr loudly for as long as you want.

Cats are small and donít take up much space in your house.Because theyíre so small you donít need a big house with a lot of property so you could spend your money on fun things.You could use the extra money to take more vacations or buy new furniture.

Cats make the best pet ever!Cats are clean and take themselves to the bathroom, donít jump all over you, and donít take up much space.I bet soon cats are going to be manís best friend.