Alex Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975. His full name is Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez. His parent’s names are Lourdes and Victor. His sibling’s names are Joe and Suzy. He grew up in the USA and the Dominican Republic. His nickname is A-Rod. He speaks English and Spanish.

            Alex is famous in many ways. He is an awesome baseball player. He began playing professional baseball at age 19. He was MVP for three years. His stats in 1995 are 4 stolen bases, 48 games, 33 hits, 142 at bats, 5 home runs, 15 runs, 19 RBI’s and his average is .232. In his career he had 2042 games,7860 at bats,1605 runs, 2404 hits,553 home runs,1606 RBI’s,283 stolen bases, and his average is .306 in his whole career. Finally, Alex is very famous.

He has made an impact on many people’s lives. He played Santa at the boy’s and girl’s club. He plays for a good team that when little kids grow up they might want to play for that team, the Yankee’s. Alex visits fans sometimes. He plays for the world’s favorite sport. Finally, he has made an impact on many lives.

            Alex has done some remarkable things throughout his baseball years. He won the gold glove two years in a row. He is one of the best third baseman in the league. He has awesome stats. He hits many home runs. Finally he has done a lot of remarkable things throughout his career.

            Little kids like me can learn a lesson by the way this person lives. One lesson you can learn is that if you are famous you should help clubs like Alex did at the boys and girls club. You should be inspired by the things you like. In order to be a good player you have to practice. If you really like something then you should be big in it. Finally, you can learn lessons by the way Alex Rodriguez lives.







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