Dear Mom,

Remember those days when I would ask you if I can have a phone? One reason why Iím bringing this subject up again, is because it is unfair to me how I donít have a phone at this age. On the other hand, I feel sad how I donít have a phone. In addition, it will come in handy for emergences.

††††††††† Itís not fair how everyone has phones nowadays, and I donít have one! Itís not fair that you and Sean keep getting new phones, and I canít even get one! When ever I ask you if I can get a phone, two things happen. First, the word no just makes me want to ask you again two weeks later. Second, Iím starting to think your slogan is, No!

††††††††† Not having a phone makes me feel upset and sad, yet it will make me more responsible when I get a phone, donít you think? I think itís about time I should get a phone?

Finally, having a phone comes in handy for emergences. What if I needed someone to take me home, I can call my family!What if someone in my family needed to go to the hospital? Donít you think thatís another good reason why I need a phone?

††††††††† In conclusion, I think itís not fair that I donít have a phone. It also makes me sad. Lastly, itís good use for emergences.