1975 December 30 Cypress CA a golf legend was born, Eldrick Tont Woods. Born to his loving mother and excited Father. His father was an army  officer and mom was a stay at home mom .10 or 12 months later when he was at a walking age his dad gave him the nickname of ‘Tiger’ in honor of a fellow soldier . Even as a little kid Tiger attracted attention, at the age of 2 Tiger appeared on the mike Douglous show and putted against the comedian Bob Hope .By the age of 4 his parents would drop him at a local golf course at 9 and pick him up at 5 with his pockets filled with winnings from other golfers betting that the four year old Tiger was not better then they were.  At age five Tiger was already showing skill in the game of golf. In 1979 he shot 48 over 9 at a local navy course in cypress. At 8 years old he won his first outing ever the 1984 junior championship .His Mom and dad were supportive of this and very also proud. His dad was also a caddy/mentor. Later in life Tiger attended Stanford University, still playing golf and still dominating. After some school he decided to play with the big boys on the PGA Tour. Tiger joined the tour in late summer of 1996. In 2004 he married his long time girl friend Elin Nordegren. He has 2 children Sam and Alexis. Tiger has so many interesting facts and things in his life.

            Tiger is also very famous for his play of golf. He is famous because he is the most known golfer internationally. Also he is famous because he is one of the best golfers. So famous that people can’t ignore tiger. Tiger Woods was also on Nike commercials and had a deal for 40 million dollars with them a commercial record. He is also famous for the world records he set for being the # 1 ranked golfer for 264 weeks in a row .Tiger also was awarded the Jack Nicklaus the best golfer ever. Also known for being the youngest black American to win the masters at 21 years old. Tiger is famous for all the championships he won, The world championship, The Tour, The BMW championship, The PGA tour, The U.S. Open, and the British Open . He also won awards like the Arnold palmer award and the Fred Haskins award. Tiger Woods is very famous in different ways.

            Tiger Woods has an impact on other people’s lives. He has inspired every kid to want to play golf like him . He also has compared his life to others .  He has taught kids how to play personally himself. He also made more people watch golf with his amazing play .When people saw him on Nike commercials and needed that product they went out and bought it. Tiger Wood s has many impacts on other peoples lives.

            Woods is having  a very remarkable and admirable life .It is so remarkable that he created a sensation in the golf world with his play .And it is admirable that he has as many golf achievements as 5 golfers combined. It is remarkable that Tiger as a kid kept a graph in his room comparing him to the greatest golfer in the world . Tiger was trilled when he broke 80 for 18 he was thrilled  because jack had hit f  70 for 18 starting out on the pga tour .This is as admirable as as can be , on the course before he takes his shot he pictures what he is going to do ,then goes out and does it .

            I have learned a few lessons from tiger  .  Like how practice makes perfect.And how hard work = success ,these 2 things are essential to be a pro. Another good lesson I learned was if you try hard at what you are good at you succeed . The most important lesson I learned was that life can be short so you should live each day out to the fullest . I learned that you can’t let one little thing ruin a day. Tiger wood is an  a extraordinary person and an a brilliant golfer!






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