††††††††††† In 1706 in a little town in Boston Massachusetts the oil lamps in every room got a little brighter. The only explanation for that is that a great American inventor was born, Benjamin Franklin. By the early age of ten Ben was already working for his father Johsaia Franklin a soap maker.At the age of 12 Ben was apprenticed to his half brother James. At this job Ben was a printer. Finally, Ben got fed up with his brother and ran away to Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In 1728 he was able to open his own printing press. Only a short two years later he found himself marring Deborah Read Rogers. In 1736 devstsing thing happened, his son Francis died. In that same year he was able to found a fire company. By the very next year he was appointed postmaster of Philadelphia. After a couple of years of rest Ben founded the University of Pennsylvania. In 1743 his little girl Sarah was born. Two years later Ben reached news that his father had died. Sadly in 17 90 Ben died of old age.

††††††††††† Ben was a very famous man in 1731 he created a library. The next year he published Poor Richards almanac. Ben also invented the stove and discovered electricity. He founded the fire company for Philadelphia.Not to mention he won arguments for the colonies, like he lowered tolling and taxes. Ben was a patriot because he fought in the revolutionary war.

††††††††††† Benís life was remarkable and admirable to. First of all he founded a fire company. He published a lot of books and newspapers. He was such a good inventor; he invented new things almost every year. He also helped right the declaration of independence.

††††††††††† Finally, he had an impact on others peoples life. Some reasons are he published so many books and newspapers. Ben had so many ideas for the state, so many I canít even begin to give examples. He lowered taxes, but most of all he made life easier.