Mia was born March 17, 1972 in Selma, ALA. Her real name is Mariel Marget Hamm. She had a mother and brother. She is an Air Force pilot. Her brother’s name was Garett. Garett had a blood disorder. Mia was a tomboy and loved sports. She played soccer at Lake Braddock Secondary. At that time, she went to school at Burke, Virginia too. Then she moved to Wichita Falls, Texas. When she moved, of course she had gone to a different school to play soccer, called Notre Dame High School. While Mia played soccer, her brother encouraged Mia about it. Then she went to college at The University of North California in 1989. While Mia was in college, would visit her family and one of the times she visited her family her brother died from his blood disorder. He sadly died in1996.

     Mia also practiced soccer many hours a day. After she thought she had enough

practice she tried out for the Tarheals. She came home exited with the scholarship in her hand.  That team was very good, but Mia was better than everybody on it. Then Mia decided to try out for the U. S. National Team. Mia made it. She was amazing. Everything was crazy when Mia joined. They were winning every game. Mia was even the best scorer on the team. The goals she scored were first international goal in 1990. Then she scored a goal against Canada, and then a week later she scored two goals against The Soviet Union. Mia was on a roll. She scored a goal against Brazil, Sweden, China, Nigeria, and Denmark. Mia did win many games. For example she won 2 to 0 against Denmark and China. Mia was a star at soccer. She had the most goals in international competition. In November 1991 the U. S. National Team was playing China. Also it was the first ever woman’s World Cup and Mia was only 19 years old. Mia was great. Then after  that game the team went against Sweden in the World Cup in 1995. Later in 1996 the National Team went into the Olympic Games. After that in 1999 people would go to Mia’s games and wear her jersey’s or sports shirts. On May 22, 1999 Mia played Brazil. At the Brazil game Mia scored her 107th goal on that team. She was so excited. Then it was the finals against China. Mia mostly played the forward position. They also beat China in the finals and Mia got a gold medal. Mia helped win the overtime shootout. She was the youngest to play for the country. Mia helped win a tournament. She scored 10 goals in international completion. Also this was Mia’s 17th year playing on the United States soccer team. After the World Cup, Mia was voted MVP for playing well. She also was the all time international scoring champion. Mia’s goals are 129. Her assists are 72 and altogether her points are 278. That was her best so far.  Mia retired from this team in 2004. She was named Female of the Year for all the hard work. In 2007 Mia was elected into the Hall of Fame. Mia wrote many quotes that I like. “I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment I light the match.” This quote was when Mia was playing her games.

      Mia was not just a great soccer player. She made people know that girls can play sports .Mia also made a Foundation. It was called the Mia Hamm Foundation. Mia showed people that she was not just a great soccer player, but she cared about things around her.

       Mia did remarkable things. She had loads of determination because in one of her games she sprained her ankle and got right back up. I truly think that she is amazing. When Mia was Athlete of the Year, she thought about all the courage and every little thing she had put into every game.  “The person that said winning isn’t everything never won anything.” That quote that Mia said proves that she had everything to be the Athlete of the Year.