David Beckham is a fine man who was born on May 2, 1975.His parents are Sandra and Ted Beckham and Ted is a great repairman, and Sandra is a stylish hair dresser. David was not an only child; he also has sisters.One of which is Lynne and the other is Joanne.While he grew up in Chingford he had many hobbies.Even when he was a little boy he always wanted to be on the Manchester United team. He was also a kid who learned many things from is father like house work.

††††††††††† Davidís fantastic soccer career started at the mere age of seven.He was on a fine team, but he still wanted to be on a better one. His first team, the Ridgeway Rovers made him better at soccer from the experiences.As he grew older, he attended a week long soccer camp.This was in 1985.Three years later he plays offer with a club. The team that he would be on if he joined the club would be a travel soccer team.This was hard to sustain.David was great on this club, but he still wished he could play professionally.†† He was disappointed as a fed less cat, but he got over it and became a member of a youth team.Later on he moved to Manchester from London.

††††††††††† In 1992 his professional career started. The 1994-1995 season was the first time he had ever been transferred to another team.This team was named the Preston North End.Soon after he found out this is a club he could only stay on for a month only.Even though his other team was just as good he wanted to stay on this team.

††††††††††† David underestimated his skill not thinking he could do this so early in his soccer life. But he did when he scored his first goal. This goal was no normal goal; it was more than 60 yards away!His reign of scoring wasnít over though. In the 1996-1997 season he scored 11 goals. This wasnít normal for a newcomer.In 1997 he got the young Player of the year reward.The next year for this young soccer star was exiting.He got to play in his first world cup.In the same year he got engaged. In 2000 David was named captain of EnglandĎs national team.

††††††††††† Soon his soccer career started to get extreme.In 2001 he made a fantastic free kick to win the game.That same year he attended his second world cup.In one of those games he scored a goal.This goal let his team win the match.Four years later in 2005 he opened his own soccer school.A year after that he played in his third world cup.Then he went to play for Real Madrid and wore number 23.Afterhe moved from London to America to play for the L.A. galaxy.

††††††††††† Davidís career is soccer had an impact on many people. For example, his first goal inspired people to do great.Also, when he plays soccer he gets carried away with his mouth and makes the other player mad at him.This also makes his fans boo at him.People took him back as being a great soccer star when scoring a tiebreaking goal on a very important game.After getting back in favor kids also noticed him.Davidís skills inspired these kids to excel.He also encouraged many to play soccer. David showed many people that they can also be great at soccer tricks.

††††††††††† Later on in his years David made a book about himself. This book showed that anyone could do anything.David being on 6 soccer leagues made people recognize him. This had and impact on people because it shows if you stick to something people will find you and want you for that sport.In 2005 David made his own soccer school. This made people not only notice him, but it also let kids train there skills with him.

††††††††††† In many ways David is remarkable. One way is he is one of the best known players.He is also known for his hard kicks which the audience thinks no one can do. His first goal is also famous because not many people can scored a goal from 60 yards a way.This also made history.He is also one of the best on his team. This is hard to do, since his team is very impressive. He also made his own school which is remarkable mainly because he has to take time out to train kids.Not only did he do all those things. He also won 61 cups for his country which is not usual for any soccer player.

††††††††††† David Beckham did even more fantastic accomplishments.One thing is obvious which is he made it to pro soccer.Many people have done this but it does take some hard effort.He also makes people scream which is remarkable because it takes a lot of skill to do.David also made many tie games break and let his team prevail through the rankings.He did this on so many teams it has to be remarkable.Since he has great kicking skills he can make great crosses which is admirable in the way of learning how to do it.His greatest one of all times is being able to be captain in the 2002 world cup.Hardly anyone has done this!