Dakota Fanning

By: Karissa

Joy and Steven Fanning were extremely anxious to welcome their new baby into the world, Hannah Dakota Fanning. Right from the start Joy and Steven knew Dakota was special but they didn’t know how special she would be. Who would have thought that an ordinary little would be an amazing actress later on in the future?

Dakota Fanning was born on February 23, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia. Her Mothers name is Joy, Her Fathers name is Steven, and her little sister who is also an actress is Elle. Her life started out like an average kids would. In 1996 Dakota taught herself how to read. In fact reading is Dakota’s favorite hobby, she brings a book where ever she goes. Another on of Dakota’s hobbies was girl scouts. In 2005 Dakota joined girl scouts to meet girls her own age. Also, in 2005 Dakota and her troop attended the screening of her movie, Dreamer. And obviously Dakota’s special talent is acting.

In 1999 Dakota got her first role. She was in a tide laundry detergent commercial. Then in 200 the Fanning’s moved to Los Angeles to find bigger roles. It didn’t take long for Dakota to get her first big role. Later in 2000 Dakota appeared on the TV show ER. She played a car crash victim. In 2000 Dakota also appeared on the shows Ally McBeal, CSI, The Practice, and Spin City. Other then shows Dakota did many other things too. After making her movie Dreamer Dakota fell in love with animals. Her co-star, Kurt Russell bought her a horse. This made Dakota want to help a horse charity. The charity she worked with helped endangered wild horses.

        In 2001 Dakota starred in two movies. One of them was Tomcats, which was Dakotas’s first movie, and the second one was I Am Sam. In fact Dakota won four awards for her movie I Am Sam. In 2001 she won the Broadcast Film Critics Association award, and in 2002 she won the Las Vegas Film Critics Society award, The Satellite Award, And the Young Artist Award. In 2005 she also won many awards. Some awards she won were, The International Film Festival Award for her movie, Nine Lives, She also won the MTV Movie Award for her movie, Hide and Seek. In addition she won, The Relly Awards, and the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for her movie, War of the Worlds.

        As you can see Dakota Fanning has inspired many people, and one of them is me. She has won so many awards, entertained so many people, and she has been a role model to so many people. Hopefully Dakota Fanning will continue her career, and encourage more people to follow their dreams.





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