Kelly Clarkson was born on April 24, 1982. Her full name is Kelly Brianne Clarkson. During her childhood, she dreamed of being a Marne Biologist. She was an average student when she graduated Burleson High School. She decided not to go to college. Her first job was being a cocktail waitress. Later on, Kellyís friend said to her to sign up for American Idol. She Did. She made it though round 1, round 2, round 3, all the way to the final 2 people. Guess what? She won the first ever American Idol! She did not earn a lot of fame for a year or two, and in those years her apartment was buried in flames!        

After a couple years Kelly became more and more famous! She stared in numerous numbers of shows. She stared in as we forgive Those, Crystal, American Dreams,   and Gone with the Wind, Reba, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. For her singing career, she won 2 Grammies in 2006 and finished by 2nd place in World Idol. The song Behind These Hazel Eyes was about her boyfriend. After a little while she stared in a movie with runner-up in American Idol, Justin Guarani. The movie was called From Justin to Kelly. Not a lot of people know about the movie.

Kelly is a very big impact on otherís lives. First, if youíre a small town girl you can become Hollywoodís brightest star. Kelly became Hollywoodís brightest star by being a generous person. Also, never give up. Kelly never gave up. Now look how far she got.

 Kelly is very remarkable and admirable because Kelly won the first American Idol. That is remarkable because she never had singing lessons. She won 2nd place in world idol. That is remarkable because she was competing against the best around the world. Next, she won 2 Grammies. That is admirable because people dream about winning a Grammy and she got her dream. And finished her movie in only 5 months! Also she is the first person to have 2 songs in the top3 radio charts at the same time.

You can learn a big lesson from Kelly Clarkson. Follow your dreams. She Followed her Dreams by Joining American Idol. She also followed her dreams by never give up. She never gave up by joining a lot of singing contest. Now she is a pop and rock singer of today.Shes still making history today. And tomorrow too.















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