Kentucky is a very interesting state. To begin with, Kentucky became a state in 1792. Furthermore, Kentuckyís capital is Frankfort. In 1793, Frankfort was made capital of Kentucky. You might know this person that was born in Kentucky, his name is Abraham Lincoln. Finally, Kentucky is the 15th state in the United States

††† The land of Kentucky is humungous; the land of Kentucky is 39,728 square miles. Kentucky has beautiful sights, such as, the biggest lakes in Kentucky; their names are Kentucky Lake, and Lake Barkley. Kentucky has a HUGE mountain which is why itís the highest point in Kentucky. Many Kentuckians live in one of the biggest cityís which is known as Louisville

††† Kentucky has millions of people, but not the most. Kentucky has 4,350,606 Kentuckians living in Kentucky. Most Kentuckians have European backgrounds; in fact, 9/16 of Kentuckians have European backgrounds. A little bit less then half of Kentucky population live in rural areas; in fact, actually 48% of Kentuckians live in rural areas. About 52% of Kentuckians live in cities.

††† Kentuckyís history goes back a long time. On June 1st, 1992 the Bluegrass State, known as Kentucky was made a state and is the 15th state in the United States. During the 1730s Kentuckians took jobs building dams. Frankfort became Kentuckyís capital in 1793. Isaac Shelby was chosen as the first governor of the 15th state Kentucky.

††† Kentucky makes a lot of money from the Kentucky derby because the Kentucky derby is on of the most famous horse races. Manufacturing is Kentuckyís move valuable business; in fact cars and trucks are Kentuckyís most manufacturing products. Coal is Kentuckyís valuable mining source.

††† In conclusion, Kentucky is an interesting place. It has beautiful land structures. Many Kentuckians visit Kentuckyís mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky; visitors can see a cabin like Abraham Lincoln birthplace cabin. Owensboro is in the west of Kentucky, Owensboro is the barbecue capital of the world. Kentucky is a very interesting place for people to live or visit.††