Amelia Earhart  was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchson, Kansas. Her parents were Edwin and Amy Earhart . Edwin was employed with railroad companies. Amy was a stay at home mom. Amelia was a tomboy and enjoyed football, mud-ball fights, collecting insects, exploring caves with friends, and having picnics. In winter she would belly flop onto her sled to go faster. Amelia would take family trips to cities  in Iowa, Minnesota, and California sometimes in privet railroad cars. Sometimes her parents would go alone so Amelia would have to stay at her grand parent’s house. She loved to read in the house huge library. She would have pretend adventures with her cousin when she was young. For Amelia’s birthday she went to a state fair and she saw her first airplane. Amelia was not impressed by the little rusty model plane.

  As Amelia got older she went to six different high schools. Then she went to a preparatory college, Orgonts School, near Philadelphia. She then became a nurse in World war One, but she stopped to go back to school. But instead of going to school, she took a Red Cross course. Then she became a nurses aid at Sabina Military Hospital. Amelia became friendly with some pilots. When she had time off, Amelia would watch former patients fly. One day she was at an air show and a plane came right at her. The plane thunderstruck her and made her decide ‘I’m going to fly!’ Then she took her first flying lesson from Neat Snook. Amelia Got her first plane on July 24,192. She painted it yellow and called it Canary. She got her pilots linens onMay16,1923.She was recommended By the National Aeronatics Association to fly as a passenger on a flight. The flight was on December 28,1920 and Frank hawks was the pilot . Amelia married Gorge Putnam on February 7,1931 . Sadly Amelia died on July 12,1937. She lost gas and went down in the Atlantic Ocean trying to fly around the world.

     Amelia was the first women to fly. She flew very dangerous stunts, like riding on a plane across the Atlantic. Also Amelia was the first woman to succeed in a round trip across the Atlantic. In 1928 she flew solo a crossed the U.S. Shortly after Amelia formed a group of female pilots called the Ninety-Nines. The group set records and partiapatid in air shows. Amelia was the president of the group. The group participated in the very first Women’s Air Derby in 1929. Amelia won first place! In the group Amelia set 3 speed, and one altitude records. On May 20,1932 Amelia flew a helicopter! But what was really cool was, she tried to fly the world!

  Amelia was a remarked person to all of us. She was never afraid to die. If she could, she would have flew around the world again. I think is remarkable because not a lot of people have that attitude. Amelia was the first women to fly. I think this is remarkable because she took a risk. Plus she never gave up even when she had to stop flying lessons because of the money.

  Amelia had a great impact on all of us. She showed women could do any thing men could. I mean she flew better than some men! Also Amelia showed you should never be scared and you should just go for it. She also showed to take risks and again just go for it. I wish I could be fearless just like Amelia!