John F. Kennedy has a lot of   facts because he did many things in his life time. He was born May 29, 1917.He was born in the city of Brookline, Massachuses .After his childhood he graduated from Harvard in the year of 1940. John’s parent’s Joseph and Rose Kennedy supported him all the way threw college. Right after he finished college he entered the Navy. When John was finished with the Navy he married Jacqueline Lee Buvier (Jackie) in 9-12-1953.When John and Jackie were married they had three children 11-27-1953 Caroline was born, 8-7-1963 third child Patrick was born but sadly died two days after birth, 11-25-1960 John Jr. was born and that same year John F. Kennedy became the 35th president of the United states of America. Sadly John F. Kennedy died November 22, 1963.   

John F. Kennedy is famous for many reasons. One is how he was the youngest man to be elected president. Also he wrote the book Why England Slept. Another famous thing Kennedy did was invade the Bay of Pigs. He had the most successful program called the U.S. Peace Corps which helped people in developing nations rising there standers of living. This president won a Pulitzer Prize for his book Profiles in Courage. Kennedy was a president and a senator. He convinced Russian to withdraw missiles from communist Cuba without going to war. Also he took office in a very bad time for our country and still solved all the problems John stopped the Cuban Missile Crisest from happening and asked congress to approve a law for civil rights. A famous saying he would say was (Ask not what your country can do for you –ask what you can do for the country). He was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald who was shot by Jack Ruby. His shooting accrued in Texas. Finally Kennedy was youngest to die as president.

John F. Kennedy had many impacts on our country. One is how he stopped the Cuban Missile   Crisest from happening. Another is how he signed the Nuclearer test-ban treaty and kept anyone from testing nuclearer bands which kept many people safe. Kennedy also got a civil rights law passed which meant everyone got equal rights. In conclusion Kennedy had many impacts on our country.

John F. Kennedy was a very remark and admirable person. One reason is how john   defeted   Henry Cubot Lodge Jr. while running for the U.S senate by more than 70,000 votes .It’s also remarkable or admirable how around 250’000 people visited the capital rotunda to honor President Kennedy before his funeral. John F. Kennedy wrote two books ,was a senator , was a president ,a parent ,and a peace maker with other country’s and still lived a great life. As a result John F. Kennedy is a very remarkable and admirable person.

You can learn a lot of lessons from John F. Kennedy. One is hard work = success  like when he did not give up trying to get that civil lights law passed. Also if you work hard you can accomplish great things like how he wrote two books. Another is one person can make a difference like this one person solved all theses problems. Finally I can learn many lessons from John F .  Kennedy.




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