Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in1809. He lived in India and Kentucky, but later on in his life he moved to Illinois. On his free time he enjoyed to ride down the Mississippi River. He wanted to be a lawyer, and one day his dream came true, but sadly for him he was still poor. He ran for public office, but he lost. He never gave up. A little after that he married Mary Todd. His first son was born about two years after that his first son was born. His second son was born about two years after that. His third son was born one year after that. Sadly his first son died. His fourth and last son was finally born. Sadly his third son died. Mary and Abe still loved their other children. He ran for president and he won. He was president in one of the worst times ever in America.

            Abraham Lincoln is famous for doing many things. I think he was mostly famous because he was one of the best presidents ever. Did you know that he pulled the country together in one of the worst wars fought in America? He was our 16th president. He is my favorite out of the 43 there has been so far. He signed the Emancipation Proclaimation which helped free many hard-working slaves. He gave the Gettysburg Address too. The Gettysburg Address is something that tells the country that “the United States will always be one strong country.”

            He really inspired people by all of the deeds he did. He has made an impact on mostly slaves because he because he tried to actually free them and most white people wouldn’t. He made a real difference.

He is remarkable and admirable for making a difference, helping people all kinds of things. Maybe he’s remarkable because he is the number one war leader ever! He stopped a war and a lot of people appreciated that. Sadly the best president ever died on April 14, 1865. Now for all that he has done there is a Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C a couple minutes away from the White House.