Once upon a time lived Queen Valerie, she was always in a good mood. Gianna the queen’s evil enemy is always trying to plot her revenge against the queen. Gianna hates Valerie because Valerie beat her in the election for queen.

          One same old boring day Valerie told her servant Yasmeen, “Go and find me something to do. Go, go, go I don’t like to wait.” “Yes master” Yasmeen replied. While she was running towards the activity center when someone stopped her “where are you off to” Gianna asked suspiciously.

 “Um, um I am going to the activity center to see if they have any idea on what Queen Valerie could do instead of being board,” Yasmeen said trying to catch her breath. “oo ,oo  I just thought of something what about tennis queen Valerie loves tennis” Yasmeen said. Gianna’s eyes lit up she remembered that Valerie has a golden tennis racket. “Great idea” Gianna replied with a guilty smile.

          Queen Valerie agreed to play tennis and headed off to the court. She got all the stuff she needed to play tennis but had to check on Prince Dennis Valerie’s guinea pig. She left her tennis racket on a table outside of his room. Gianna saw the tennis racket took it and headed to the door when all the sudden Valerie screamed “Dennis bit me Dennis bit she repeated.Instead of seeing Valerie they saw gianna. Every one ran after gianna and then they tackled her .Then she got sent to the dungeon. Gianna never tried to get her revenge again.