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††††††† Dear Mom,

Universal Studios is a great place to relax. One reason is that it is a place with pools, games, and fun for all. Plus there are lots of games for both kids and parents. Lastly it is a great place to go for vacation.

††††††††† I know you like pools. For example I noticed that you like to float. You also like to go into the hot tub. Please I like to swim. In addition we canít go swimming if we donít go to Universal Studios. Please think about changing your mind. We could have so much fun.

††††††††† There is stuff you and I could enjoy. For instance we would both enjoy the blue man show. Shrek 4-D, Jimmy Newtron, and the cat in the hat would be for me. Popeye and Pluto, jaws and Jarracic Park would be for you. I mean really it is boring going on school-related trips. Please Iím begging you to take me back to Universal Studios. I would settle for another fun place, but I would prefer Universal Studio.

††††††††† All these fun and more are at Universal Studios. Pools, games, and rides. Treat yourself to a relaxing vacation. Think of all the fun you could have. Please take me this summer. We could have so much fun. Please take me.

††††††††† Now you know why you should go to Universal Studios. Remember pools. Remember fun for all ages. Do you want to have lot of fun?Just remember want you have read here. Please†† go to Universal Studios.