Eli Manning a man born on January /3/1981, born in Louisiana State. Also he is the youngest child of three children; his older brothers are Payton and Cooper. His parents are Archie Manning and Olivia. In addition his full name is Elisha Nelson Manning. Soon after that he went 200 yards farther than his brother Payton in High school His collage was in Mississippi State. As soon as he got into collage he got the nickname easy Eli for his outgoingness. In 2003 he won the Maxwell award. Eli works many charities and fitness programs. In addition to facts about his life, his wife, Abby Mcgrew, is a super model.                                      Eli has many reasons to be famous. The 6-4, 225 lbs, Quarterback is on the New York Giants. Another reason heís famous is because he works so hard to make 5 million a year. the first pick in the draft of 2004. Those are some of the reasons Eliís famous.                                                                                                                                Eli has also made a huge impact on others. He is part of a five year campaign to raise 2.5 million dollars. Also in 3/20/08 he led kids to become more physically active. Also he has made an impact on other children on the summer of 2008 he was helping kids learn football so they could play football.  That is Eliís Impact on others.

            Eli is remarkable in many ways. Like when he won the Maxwell award in 2003 in many ways the Maxwell award is an award for best football player of the year in collage. In addition to the awards he won the MVP in 2007. That is why Eli is remarkable.

            Lastly you can learn a lot of things from Easy Eli like be the best you can be. In addition if you do something nice for others you get something back from the person you were nice to. Another lesson you could learn from Easy Eli I learned if you try if, you try, you shall secede. The last lesson you could learn from Eli Nelson Manning is help others in their time of need. Those are some of the lessons you could learn from Eli Manning.

Also heís the reason the Giants won in super bowl in 2007 for that excellent pass that leaded to a touch down  Another reason is he was one of
























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                                                By Marc Panizzi