The Marvelous Question


It was a beautiful 84 degrees day that the sun and clouds played hide and seek. In addition, Peggy had chosen to take a stroll through the woods. She walked a lot because her malicious mother had always sent her instead of her cruel sisters to hunt and find food. As usual, Peggy had always obeyed her mother and found what she had needed to.

Now, you should know about Peggy. There was something very special about her. Peggy was NOT just a typical girl! Actually, she was a PIG! Not an ordinary pig though. There was something very special about Peggy… she could dream of anything she wanted to.

Peggy gathered the food, as she was told to do so, and stuffed it in her pouch. She then headed home.

On her way home, she was shot accidentally by a hunter’s hallucinating dart. Her mother had probably wished Peggy were shot because Peggy’s mother was so stubborn. Although, It did not matter because she went into a wonderful coma. Her dream all started out …

“Wake up!” a young boy shouted as he shook Peggy. Peggy woke up only to see her face reflecting back at her. “What happened to my face and the rest of my body?” Peggy questioned. It was true! She had not been a pig anymore.

Instead, she was a beautiful girl! “Why, nothing happened to your face!” the young boy exclaimed.

“I do not think we have met before.” Peggy stated.

“Perhaps we haven’t met. My name is Michael,” said the boy. “And you are?”

My name is P…peg …Paisley. My name is Paisley!” Peggy answered.

Years passed…

One day, Michael asked Peggy, “Will you marry me and be my princess?”

Instantly, Peggy said, “yes!”

          Days went on and today Peggy was getting married.

“You may now kiss the bride.” Michael leaned in and then …

BOOM! Peggy woke up from her coma and under her breath, she muttered, “I’m a bit too young to get married.” She said it quietly and nicely. However, she had a great dream and, from then on, Peggy went to the woods almost every day to remember the dream and the marvelous question Prince Michael had asked her.