Massachusetts is a beautiful state to visit or even live. To begin with, over 6 million people live there. The Bay states capital is Boston. You can find lots of American elms and chickadees there. Finally, the land, people, and history are worth learning about.

In addition, Cape Cod was formed by drifting sand and glacial rock.

Massachusetts has a lot of trees. In fact, 60% of Massachusetts is woodland. But storms happen in every state, like this one in southern Massachusetts, the storm dumped 25inches of snow. As a result, there were 92 deaths, 10,000 evacuations, and 3.2 billion dollars in damage.

Almost 100% of Bay staters live in towns or cities, such as Plymouth, Salem, and Boston. Whites make up 85% of the population, 5% are African American, 3% are Asian Americans, and 7% are Hispanic Americans. Some famous people were born in Massachusetts. For example, Theodore Seuss Geisel, and (dr.Seuss) Benjamin Franklin. Further more; presidents were born there to, such as, George Bush, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and John f. Kennedy. As you can see, the states population is different every year do to the amount of presidents that were born here, such as John Adams.

1760, England began taxing the colonists more heavily. Colonists protested. English troops were sent to Massachusetts. 1775, the revolutionary war began. (1775-1783) 1780, Massachusetts ended slavery.

Service industries make up the largest part of Massachusetts economy. World famous medical centers are located there. of our countries cranberries come from Massachusetts. Massachusetts is the leading fishing state.

In conclusion, Massachusetts has many places to visit. Cape Cod is a beautiful beach to visit with its sand dumes and seashore. Miles and miles of beach. The Boston red sox are fun to watch especially when they verse the Yankees those teams are rivals. In central Massachusetts, the Naismith memorial basketball hall of fame is located there. James Naismith invented basketball.