Theodore Roosevelt had numerous facts about his life. One example is he was born on Oct. 27, 1858 in New York City.  This amazing man was second of four children named Elliot, Corrine and Anna. Those children were brought in to the world by Theodore and Martha Roosevelt. Sadly, Theodore (the father) lived until the age of 47.He lived from 1831 to 1878. The mother (Martha) lived until she was 50. She lived from 1834 to 1884. Teddy was near sighted when young. He also had a severe case of asthma .One of his peculiar hobbies were collecting insects, mice, snakes and other animals. He wrote down everything about them. In addition to writing down everything about them, he called them the Roosevelt museum of Natural History. He attended Harvard College. At Harvard he enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, hunting, hiking, Boxing and taking rides in Wright Brothers models. Theodore Roosevelt graduated Harvard in 1880. On the date of Oct. 27 1880, his 22nd birthday, he married Alice Hathaway Lee. Their kids’ names were Theodore Jr., Quentin, Kermit, Archibald, Ethel and Alice. Alice (Theodore’s wife) died giving birth to Alice. Teddy’s mother (Martha) died on the same day. Roosevelt went to Columbia Law School in the year of 1880. In the fall of 1881 he was elected the leader of the New York Assembly. He was re-elected twice in 1882 and1883.A few months later he joined a Republican club in New York City. After a long period of time, Teddy’s family moved to Washington D.C. Next, he was the commander of the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American war in 1898. Also he was the head of the New York Police. He wanted to make the policeman do his or her job by dressing up as a person. Although Roosevelt had a full-time life, he still had time to travel to many countries. His occupations were being a historian, a writer and a ranchman. Between the years of 1900 and 1915 he got thrown off a carriage and broke his arm. As well as breaking his arm he killed one of his secret service men. Theodore hid he got punched in the eye so badly he became blind in his left eye.

            Copious people know Theodore Roosevelt as a famous person because he was the 26th president of the United States. He’s not only famous because of that. The first thing he was famous for was leading the Civil Service. Before his presidency he was the governor of New York. He was the Vice President in 1900. After a year of being the Vice President, President McKinley got assassinated which gave Roosevelt the opportunity to become the president .Roosevelt was a republican. He took office at 42; the youngest ever to take office. President Roosevelt had two terms from 1901 to 1908. His first Vice President was Charles W. Firebanks. The 26th president was the first to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He is also pictured on Mount Rushmore. Theodore’s nickname (Teddy) invented the teddy bear. Teddy had enough time to write a book called the Naval War of 1812. In 1912 Theodore ran for president again. Unfortunately he lost to Woodrow Wilson.

            As well as being famous, President Roosevelt made an impact on other people’s lives. He won the Spanish-American war for U.S and Spanish citizens. In addition to winning the Spanish-American war, he helped end the Russian and Japanese war by inviting Russian and Japanese diplomats to his home to settle it. Lastly, he made many laws.

            This man is remarkable and admirable, too. For example, he had enough time to publish three dozen books. Another reason he is remarkable and admirable is he served three one year terms in the New York Assembly. One time he got shot during a speech and wanted to finish it before he went to the hospital.

            As you can see Roosevelt was a great president and man. Young people could learn a few lessons. One example is you should never give up. For instance, when he got shot during a speech he never stopped it because if he didn’t finish the speech United States would have never heard the speech. In conclusion, hard work equals success because he was the 26th President of the United States.





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