Mia Hamm

The unstoppable soccer player!

By: Taylor

Mia's Life Today

Mia Hamm's hometown is Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her height is 5.5 feet. Mia weighs 125 pounds. Mia Hamm's husband, Nomar, plays shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. Mia is known as a shy, soft spoken person. Mia's full name is actually Marie Margret Hamm.

Mia Hamm's life now

She was born on March 17, 1972 in Selma, Alabama. Her full name is Mariel Margret Hamm. She went to college at University of North Carolina. Also, as you know, Mia still lives in North Carolina.

Mia's Soccer life

Mia was the most recognized soccer player in the world. She was also the most explosive threat in the world! She made her first goal on June 25, 1990 against Norway. Mia plays soccer as a forward. Her coach, Tony DiCinnco, calls some of the games she plays in, Michael Jordan type performances.

Accomplishments made during her soccer life

she was the first male or female to be honored three times, the times include 1994-1996. Mia went into 1999 with a 102 career goals. She made the American national team at age 15, that is the youngest ever! Also, her team won the world cup in 2000.

Why does this soccer player love soccer so much?

Mia likes to kick and run. Soccer has always, and still does, make her feel good about herself. In other words, it makes her feel like she made something out of herself. Soccer also boosts her self-esteem

This female soccer star is unstoppable. She has broken so many records. To some people, she is considered the best female soccer player ever! She has gotten many people to watch soccer on television, including men!