January 23 1737 is a date which a patriot, a governor, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and one of the greatest leaders this country was born. The marvelous man I am talking about is John Hancock. He was the son of a minister, with one brother and one sister. John wanted to be noble so he attended Mrs. B`s country school as a youngling. Unfortunately his dad died in 1744. Soon after he was adopted by his uncle. Johns uncle would be the one to for fill his destiny.


Johnís uncle was the richest man in Boston, had no kids, and saw how brilliant John was. John now wore a great homemade suit. He admired his uncleís velvet suit, lace trimmed shirt, silver shoe buckles, and powdered wig. Johnís new school was Boston Public Latin School. When he was there kids where jealous of his wealth there he studied the ancient languages of Latin and Greek. John also enjoyed watching ships at Boston Harbor when he wasnít studying. The studying that he did would pay off. It was in the year 1750 that he was accepted into the college Harvard.


Four years later he graduated from Harvard. Sadly his uncle died in 1764. John inherited a fairly large some of money. John now enjoyed wine, food, and fine clothes. John did make a lot of money, but he worked long hours. People always say money canít buy happiness. In 1774 he was arrested, and charged with treason for disobeying the British troops. John married Dolly Quincy. They had a baby named Lydia in 1777.Lydia sadly died in1778. In 1778 John had a baby boy. He admired George Washington so much he named his son John George Washington Hancock. Sadly the great American hero died October 8, 1793.


†† In 1769 he was a member of the Massachusetts legislature or General court. He was a member of the Sons of Liberty, which was a secret organization that protested the Stamp Act. When the Stamp Act ended he threw Bostonís biggest party ever. He lowered taxes, and also was a member of the Provincial Legislator. In 1774 he was the leader of Massachusetts. John made a stupendous achievement July 4, 1776. He became the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence. Shortly after in 1776 he was a member of the Boston Assembly. A couple of years later in 1780 he was elected governor of Massachusetts. He would remain a fantastic governor until his streak ended in 1793.


John Hancock had a big impact on people. He was a patriot in the Revolutionary war. I find this has an impact on people because he led many to victory. He was a member of the Stamp Act Congress which helped Americans save money. He gave money, food, and firewood to people who lost their homes in a fire.


Johnís life was very remarkable. His name on the Declaration of Independence stood for freedom. I find this remarkable because he was willing to risk his life to let the king know America should be free. He was the fist governor of Massachusetts. I find this remarkable because he was the first governor of a state which was in one of the greatest countries in the world. John Hancockís life was taken while he was serving his town, state and country. I find this remarkable because he served for as long as he could.†††††††††