Walter Elias Disney was a young movie maker. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901-Chicago, Illinois. His mother was Flora Disney. His father was Elias Disney. His brothers were Roy, Raymond, and Herbert. He rode a pig on the farm. Then he painted a pig on the side of his house. During World War 2 he joined the Red Cross. In 1925 he married Lily Bounds. Had two children Sharon and Diane. In 1953 he died from lung cancer.

Walter Elias Disney made many movies in his life time. In 1924 Alice starred in Alice in Wonderland. In 1928 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse led in Steamboat Willie. During 1929 Peg-Leg Pete played as he main character in The Barn Dance. Over 1929 Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar were leading in The Plow Boy. During 1930 Pluto also known as Rover had lead role in the Chain Gang. In 1932 Goofy also known as Dippy Dawg George Geef starred in Mickey’s Revue. In 1934 Donald Faunheroy Duck led in The Wise Little Hen. In1937 Duey, Huey, and Lousie Duck played as the main characters in Donald Duck Sunday Comics. In 1937 Daisy Duck also known as Donna Duck were leading in Don Dona.

Walter Elias Disney was very famous. One reason is he has won over 900 awards. In 1939 he made Pinocchio. In1942 he made Bambi. In 1946 he made Song of the South. During 1950 he made Cinderella. A final reason is Disneyland has expanded to Tokyo, Marne-la –Valle, and Hong Kong. This is why he is famous.

Walt Disney is remarkable. One reason is because he created the first movie with color. He also created the first movie with sound. These are reasons why Walt Disney is remarkable.

Without Walt Disney made an impact on many people’s lives. One thing is how he didn’t stop trying. Another reason is what his result of trying. These are some reasons Walt Disney made an impact on people’s lives.

Walt Disney’s life can teach people a few lessons. One lesson is to work hard. Another lesson is anything is possible. These are a few lessons that you can learn from Walt Disney.





















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