Mississippi has various chararistics. To begin with, Mississippi was born on December 10, 1817. Furthermore, its unforgettable nickname is The Magnolia State. On top of that, one of the biggest cities and the capital is Jackson. Finally, its history, people, and places are full of surprises.

Although people wonder if Mississippi is a solid state, it actually has 3 different sections. Southern, Northeastern, and Northwestern Mississippi. Mississippi is located in the southeastern United States along the Gulf of Mexico. It goes from the coldest places to the hottest. Therefore, it can be from 33 to 92 degrees. Lastly, Mississippi was named after the Mississippi river that forms its western boundary river and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

There are several people who have interesting backgrounds. About 36 percent of Mississippians have an African American background. Additionally, about 61 percent of Mississippians have a European background. On the other hand, the lowest percentage is 1 percent of Mississippians have a Hispanic, Asian, or Native American background. However, over 11,000 Native American live in Mississippi. Although people have a background, people are people.

People have been living in Mississippi for over 12,000 years! The first European settlers were French. In 1500, there was about 30,000 Native Americans in what is know Mississippi. By the 1830, the populations had been doubled then its regular population. They also won a war that lasted from 1775- `1783. So as you can see, the magnolia state has a bit of surprises in its history.

There are more then 38,000 farms are in the magnolia state. Tourists spend nearly 4 billion dollars each year just for the states resources! Next to that, oil and gas is Mississippi most valuable mining products. Catfish and shrimp are the magnolia states important fishing products.

In conclusion Mississippi is an interesting place, visitors can see Elvis Presley’s museum there! There were 8 flags flown over the magnolia state which were… 1. Bourbon flag 2.British red ensign 3. Spanish flag of Castile and Leon 4. U.S star spangled banner 5. Republic of west Florida 6. Mississippi Magnolia 7. Stars and bars of the confederacy 8. Mississippi flag. Mississippi delta is the birth of the blues. There are homes that were there since before the civil war called antebellum homes.

All in all, Mississippi has many chararistics. Its history, people and places are very interesting to go see.