Nevada also known as “the” silver state, is the hottest state in the U.S reaching temitures 120 degrees ferinhight witch makes it the driest state .Nevada’s state bird is the mountain blue bird witch also eats Nevada’s state grass the Indian rie grass .                                                          

Nevada’s largest city is las vegas witch alone attracts millions of Americans each year .animals of the nevadean mountains are bobcats, bighorn sheep, rattlesnakes, and much more .The valley of fire is a must see part of Nevada .Another attraction of Nevada is the Hoover damb is the largest man made damb in the world .                                                           

Some famous inventions were made in Nevada like the ferris-wheel invented by George Ferris in 1893 .Also26 years later Sadie D. Hurst became the first woman in state legislature .There are lots of people in Nevada like ranchers and people that they think  there going to get rich some how.                                                                                                           

Every state needs business’s but Nevada needs no more gambling business rates gone though the roof the past few years .also ranching is a very common business in Nevada .And don’t forget mining ,mining is also very popular business ,because of all the open land and recourses.           

There is a lot more to Nevada then one eye can see in a life-time or two. Did you know that the military used the Nevada desert for military air-craft testing from area 51 like the Black Bird and stealth fighter. Nevada also provides area for bomb testing and secret projects. Finally Nevada is a good part of our soisiatal country today.