I was falling down

From the high above sky

Until I split up from many others

Leaving them asking why


My journey was about to start

In the land of fun and play

In the town of RockBelly

No one will ever want to go away


I fly around

And get thrown with friends

But after many hours

The fun always ends


There’s always another day

Everything the same

It sometimes gets boring

But there’s never someone to blame


The very next day

A blizzard was brewing

I was leaving RockBelly

And entering the town of Crewing


The town was very different

Everything was strange

Things were tall and small

With a high variety and range


This town was very big

With everything from small to large

Townhall to little flowers

And poles and wires with a high charge


This town was now a city

With many parks for me to play

But the only that is wrong

Is that tomorrow is a spring day