All of his art, all of his inventions, sculptures, and designs all came out of one ingenious mind. Leonardo’s. The creator of all things amazing. It all started when Leonardo da Vinci was born.                                                On April 15, 1452 the great Leonardo was born. Soon after, they named Leonardo da Vinci because da Vinci means from Vinci Italy. While he was still living with his parents Leonardo, went to live in Florence, a large city in Italy. As a grown man, he wanted to paint the portrait of Christ’s last supper, now known as the last supper. He started it in 1495 and finished it in 1498. In 1499, the French attacked Milan and Leonardo had enough time to escape and go back to Milan.

          Leonardo was the best Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer and scientist. In 1466 Leonardo went to work and learn art in the studio of Andrea Del Verrocchio. In 1477, Leonardo at 25 years old went to work for himself. It really benefited him a lot, because he got to meet a lot of other great artists. In 1482, Leonardo went to work for the ruler of Milan and live with a family of artists name Preda. Leonardo also studied many subjects such as the anatomy of plants animals and humans. He also developed an interest of nature. He also remained at court of Ludovico Sforza. In 1488, Leonardo started working on a model of the tambour and dome for a cathedral in Milan. In 1502, Leonardo entered the service of Cesere Borgia as a military engineer.

          Leonardo had a big impact on people and other fields. He helped such by drawing skeletal, muscle, and circulatory systems or the human anatomy. In addition, many of Leonardo’s paintings and sculptures are now recognized as works of art. It also gives people joy when in sight. In his later years, he also designed many things such as the idea of vertical flight, armored tank, and glider or horizontal flight, which led to the creation of the helicopter, tank, and plane.

          Everyone has to die some day, even the great minds of history so this life ended with the tragic death of Leonardo da Vinci.













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