Happily on May 29, 1917 in Brookline Massachusetts Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy gave birth to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Thought out his childhood John went to Choate School, the London School of Economics, Princeton University, Harvard University, and Stanford Business School. Soon after John enlisted in the US navel reserve, and became a lieutenant in 1943 when he saved the life of a crew mate. Unfortunately in 1945 John had to leave the army for a series of painful back surgeries. After the recovery John happily married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.

            During John’s life he liked and did many average things. Such as having three kids and the Roman Catholic religion he shared with them. Writing the books Profiles in Courage and Why England Slept where two other average things John was able to do. John also having the nick names of JFK and Jack are also very average things. The six foot tall John loved to swim and eat his favorite food New England clam chowder.

            John F Kennedy aside from his normal life was very famous. Such as him running for House of Representatives in 1946, or running for Senate in 1952. Finally in 1960 he was brave enough to run for president, and he happily and proudly became 35 presidents in 1961. As president John brought the ideas of space travel into the nation. He also led many Peace Corps, and even desegregated schools.

            His greatest achievements were in the fight against communism. With the example of helping south East Asia fight communist China. In addition to fighting thought the Cuban missile crisis. Another example is leading the country away from nuclear war with the Soviet Union.  Amazingly john did all of this before he was assassinated on November 22,1963 shortly after he reached 1000 days in office.

         As president and in his normal life John F Kennedy had many impacts on other people. Such as in his service to the military saving the life of a crew mate.  John F Kennedy’s greatest impact was becoming president. As president John was able to create the Peace Corps which helped many people in poorer countries. In the fight against communism he also impacted many like when he helped south East Asia fight it. Helping India against communist China was also a great impact. In the great country of America he supported civil rights and helped many mistreated blacks have more freedom. What you’ve just read is how John F Kennedy’s life impacted many others.

            Now it’s time to learn why John F Kennedy’s life was remarkable and admirable. Saving a life like John did is a very remarkable deed. Something also remarkable is getting an evil dictator to sign a nuclear test ban treaty. Turning around a war like he did is a very remarkable and admirable deed. Getting other countries to sign over 100 treaties is also very remarkable. Every thing you’ve just read is something magnificent about John F Kennedy’s life.