Dear Pitbull haters,                                                           

Vicious……Aggressive…....Killer…... when people hear these three words they think of Pitbull. Pitbull are one of the most misjudged breeds. All and all, they deserve a second chance like the rest of us. They can be life savers too. You just have to train them properly and give them the love and care they deserve. In addition to that you have to treat them like your family and make them feel like there loved. In other words treat them the way you want to be treated.                

 The different ways people use these dogs is very unjust; they deserve love something there not used to. NO food NO water, NO home, NO love. People abuse these dogs day in and day out. People are Heartless, brutal and ruthless to these dogs. 600 Pitbull die each and every day from abuse and cruelty. What would you do if that was you? For once put yourself in something else’s paws.

They can be life savers to. For instance, four year-old Scruffy took a built for her family. Wow putting her life at risk to save her family. Would you take the built for your family? That’s what a true companion would do. You have to be fearless, heroic, courageous and brave.   

Pitbull are one of the most misjudged breeds; because they are very muscular and used for dog fighting. If, they weren’t used for dog fighting, they wouldn’t be misjudged. For once they wouldn’t have to be euthanized, and they would have a home.

You should have a different outlook on Pitbulls.There not vicious, scary or a killer. There a loving companion; when you train them right and give them the love and care they deserve .Hopefully you now realize you have to train them right and give them the love they deserve. Now it’s your turn to go to a local shelter by you and adopt a Pitbull… there waiting for you.