Niles Halliburton                                                                       June 17, 2013


The Big Injury     



Mike, Jordan and Chris were trying out for the street ball tournament. Mike was the best on the team. People called him like mike. He had sweet moves and passes and that helped them go to the game before the champion ship.

          It was all tied up and mike squared up with his defender. Mike did a behind the back pass to Jordan in his hot spot. And Jordan was ready. He squared up his feet and shot a beautiful bank shot. “ASSIST’’! Mike yelled. Game-On is going to the champion ship. Mikes team was called Game-On. Jordan had 5 points, 2 rebounds and two assist. Chris had 5 points 2 rebounds and one assist, and Mike had 11 points 3 rebounds and 8 assist.

          Every day they will practice and practice for the big game coming up in 3 weeks. Then something bad happened. Mike went up for a rebound and landed the wrong way. Awwwwww! “My ankle hurts’’ Mike groaned. “Can you walk Chris ask’’. No Mike replied. Get in the car Jordan and Chris Mikes mom said. Mikes mom picked him up, and putted him in the car. Mom drove them to the hospital. Luckily, Mike had crunches from the last time he broke his ankle. They walked into the jersey shore hospital and demanded a room right a way. My son has a broken ankle. They put mike in a wheel chair and rushed him to the X-ray room. The doctor took him to his room where Mom, Jordan Chris was waiting. He has a broken ankle the doctor explained. “How did this happen’’ he ask. Well I was playing basketball and I guest I landed the wrong way. ‘’I see’’. How long until he will recover Chris ask. About four weeks. But I have a street ball champion ship game in two weeks Mike explained. Well the only way you can recover faster is to extrusive and take medicine. Ok good. When they left the hospital Jordan and Chris went home and Mike extrusive his ankle. Every day it got easier and easier to move it. Then in a week, he went to the gym with Jordan and Chris. The gym ha light blue walls and had weights and trammels. He went on the trammel and tried it. It kept hurting but he never gave up. Then he tried it one more time and he could walk better. He turned it up a little and he could run again. Jordan and Chris was surprise but proud. Mike goes back to the doctors and they said it’s a miracle he recovered in 9 days. They took his x ray and there is no crack. For 2 days, he rested his ankle for the big game. Friday morning they headed over to the court. Fans were everywhere. The other team was already practicing. The game was about to start. It was a good game so fair. 20-20 make the best team win. Mike checked the ball up and passed it to Jordan. This is a big game because who ever wins gets there name on the hall of fame. Jordan passed to Chris. The person stole from him and missed the lay up. The crowed was dying. Mike got the rebounded and passed it back to Chris and he shot it. It bounced of the rim then swish. Game-on wins! The crowed was going wild. There parents were so proud. They had a party and Jordan and Chris slept over. In about a week they had there names on the hall of fame. Mike, Jordan and Chris 2004 champions.