North Carolina


     North Carolina is a very interesting state. To start with, North Carolina is the 12th state. The state was created a long, long time ago on November 21, 1789. Another word for North Carolina is “The old north state.” The capital of the state is Raleigh. Lastly, North Carolina is full of places, histories, and activities.

     Lots of people in North Carolina come to see the mountains, and also the lakes and rivers. Most of North Carolina has hot wet summers. However, the weather is cooler in the mountains. North Carolina is the 4th largest southern state. On the other hand, the Atlantic Ocean forms North Carolina’s eastern border. Along the Atlantic coast is North Carolina’s lowest point. Believe or not, almost half of North Carolina is part of the coastal plain.

     Many people in North Carolina have interesting backgrounds. North Carolina has the nation’s 10th largest population. 100,000 Native Americans live in North Carolina. To begin with, in the 1830’s the U.S. government wanted the Cherokee to leave North Carolina’s land. Also, in the 1650’s the Africans came to North Carolina as slaves. Finally, 5 percent of North Carolinians is Hispanic Americans.

     North Carolina has interesting history. Now it’s educational. It all started 12,000 years ago when people first lived in North Carolina. The Cherokee, Tuscarora, and croatoan were the major groups. Also, by the 1500’s, more than 35,000 Native Americans lived in North Carolina. In addition, North Carolina was the 1st colony to call independence from England. However, North Carolinians helped win the war. At first North Carolina grew very slow, most settlers had small farms.

     North Carolina has lots of businesses. Tourism, government, and the research are important industries. Making tobacco products, wooden furniture, and textiles are important jobs in North Carolina. People that live in North Carolina also make chemicals, paper, computers, and telephones. Every year, tourists spend about $8 billion in North Carolina. However, hotels, restaurants, and motels receive most of this money.

     In conclusion, each year, millions of people visit North Carolina. They enjoy the beaches and mountains, others learn the history. The major rivers are Neuse River, Roanoke River, and Yadkin River. The sites to see are the brown mountain and the mysterious lights. That means there are mysterious lights over the brown mountains that haven’t been discovered. The state colors are red and blue. In addition, some of the celebrities in North Carolina are Michael Jordan, Andy Griffith, Jim “catfish” hunter, Virginia Dare, David Brinkley, and Billy Graham. The nickname for North Carolina is “the tar heel state.” North Carolina is a wonderful place to do fun activities and sight seeing.