Ohio or the Buckeye state became a sate on March 1, 1803. In Ohio there are many towns but there is only one capital it is Columbus. The state bird is a cardinal. The state flower the state flower is the scarlet flower it is a bushy red flower the kind of looks like a rose.

†††† Ohio is a very nice there is a narrow strip of land along Lake Erie

Were fruit Grows I would love to picnic there Toledo and Sandusky are along Lake Erie because of this they make good shipping ports.Much wild life lives along lake Erie some are the thing that live there are Eagles, Egrets and Herons this make it a nice place for bird watchers.

†††† Amish farmer came to Ohio swarmed into Ohio to find fresh soil to farm and grow crops to make a living 20% of people in Ohio are African American and many other kinds of races this is what make Ohio such a lively place

†††† One of Ohio main businesses is manufacturing the ting the manufacture are auto mobiles, car parts and trucks. Ohio has many farms but the main crops are corn, soybeans and wheat if I lived in Ohio I would have lots of corn and bread for dinner.

†††† In 1776 English colonies in Ohio declared there independence and fought against England the colonist defeated England and pushed them back from Ohio.

Ohio is a very interesting state here are some interesting facts that were not in any part of the story the population of Ohio is 11,468,495 thatís a lot of people. Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moons home town is Ohio. Ohio is a very cool place maybe one day I will go to the rock museum there. In conclusion Ohio is a beautiful place to live and very fun place one day I hope to go there.