Oklahoma is an interesting state. To begin with, Oklahomas nickname is the Sooner State. Additionally, its location is in the South-Central part of the United States. Oklahomas land, people, and history make it a unique state.

The Sooner State has hot summers & mild winters. Furthermore, its six border stares are Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. In addition, four main rivers flow through Oklahoma. They are the Arkansas, Neosho, Canadian, and the Red rivers. Some parts of

Oklahoma receives rain, and other parts of it receive snow. It has about 42 inches of rain each year, and its mountains can get as much as 50 inches of snow each year. Finally, Oklahoma has a variety of weather that can impact peoples lives.

Oklahoma has the second largest Native American population. About of Oklahomans have European backgrounds. Did you know that this state ranks 27th in size among the 50 states? Also, about 68 percent of

Oklomans live in or near large cities. As you can see, Oklahoma has different cultures.

In 1541, Spanish explorers Hernado de Soto & Francisco de Cornado came to what is now Oklahoma. The date of Oklahomas statehood is November 16, 1907. In 80 years, its population grew over 1,000 more people. Some people sneaked into unassigned lands sooner than the government allowed. Those people were called the sooners. This is why Sooner State is Oklahomas Nickname.

Oklahomas leading crop is wheat. This state is the 3rd largest producer of winter wheat in the United States. Corn, cotton, soybeans, hay, peanuts, sorghum, beef, & cattle are other important crops. About 3/4 of its land is farm and ranches.

In conclusion, Oklahoma is an interesting place to visit. There is the Woolaroc museum & wildlife preserve near the town of Bartlesville. This museum has more than 55,000 paintings and more than 700 animals. There is also Lake Eufula, which is Oklahomas largest lake. It covers 102,600 acres. People, fish, & even water skiers can swim in it. As you can see, Oklahoma is a fascinating state to visit.