Steve Jobs

By: Paul


In 1955, Clara and Paul Jobs adopted the amazing technology wizard, Steven Paul Jobs. As he grew up, his love for technology grew. With his computerized brain and his partner, Steve Wozniak, they were able to make the amazing company, Apple Computer Inc. If Steve Jobs weren’t born, the whole world would be different.

          Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. Clara and Paul Jobs adopted him. He was very interested in electronics. When Steve was 10, he joined the Explorers Club. In 1972, Steve went to Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He got married to Laurene on March 18, 1991 and had three children named Reed, Erin, and Eve. Reed was born in 1991, Erin was born in 1995, and Eve was born 1998. In 2003, he got pancreatic cancer. He had surgery that was able to remove pancreatic tumor in 2004, but he was still very ill. He died on October 5, 2011 because of his cancer. He was 56 years old. This was a very sad day.

          You’ve only read about Steve’s personal life, but you haven’t heard about his job, or what made him famous. While he was in college, he designed video games. When he dropped out of college in 1976, his best friend, Steve Wozniak, and he decided to start a company called Apple Computer Inc. When Steve was kicked out of Apple in 1985, he created the neXT company. Next year, he became the chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios. He returned to Apple in 1997 and became the chief executive. After years of hard work, the governor of California put Steve Jobs into the California Hall of Fame. In 2008, Apple became the #1 company for America’s Most Admired Companies. Steve Jobs, the amazing billionaire, reached his goal.

          Steve Jobs has a great impact on many people’s lives. He supported two charities, Red and the Global Fund. He has spended lots of his time to create many new ways to communicate with others, like creating the iChat, where you can talk to the people you want to talk to on the computer screen. He has created many devices like the iMac, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and many other devices.

          I hope you have been amazed by the many things Steve Jobs has done in his life, like all the jobs he did, all the awards he got, and the things he created. Now do you wish that you could be him?









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