The wishing well


In the middle

Of dry ol’ Texas

Some ol’ fella

Wished for a Lexus*


He dug a hole

Day and night

He left in a penny

And left in the light


The next cold mornin’

The poor man woke

He saw a Lexus,

And thought ‘twas a joke


The poor ‘ol man

Wished for more

 Only a day ago

 He was very poor


The cunning ‘ol man

Thought of a joke.

It was for his friend

Who was a bloke.


He dug and dug

Another pit.

It had no magic

 Maybe a tiny bit.


His friend came o’er

And thought about the hole

He  really wanted

 A pretty white mole.


He popped in a penny

And the well just stood

For the 'ol man

This was good


This is the end of

A particularly good joke

The ‘ol man made it

For a bloke.


*A Lexus is a luxury car