Everyday I wake up

I have to go to school

I have to get dressed

School is so un cool.


I go to the bus stop

I wait for the bus

I finally get on

And there is a fuss.


Mr. Barilka is waiting

For his students to arrive

If they were absent the day before

He says “ Hey your alive.”


After we un pack

Mathematics starts

Today we will have a test

On how to make charts.


Social Studies begins

We learn about wars

In the book it shows

All of the gores.


After Social Studies

We go to down to lunch

We get to eat and play

In a big bunch.


After lunch we have reading

We read many books

We like the pictures

And all of the looks.


Then we have writing

The subject is very cool

I sort of don’t like writing

Because my teacher acts like a fool.


At 1:20 we have special

Gym, music, computers, and art

In order to make a drawing

You need to be smart.


Then we have Science

The day is almost through

At least at the end of the day

I am happy with what I do.


Finally the school bell rings

It is time for us to leave

The kids are all rushing out

On the kids faces they show relief.