Its time to go swimming

in my in ground pool.

I jumped right in and

felt that the water was cool.


I started to shiver

just a little bit.

The sun was shining

and the pool was lit.


I started to kick

my feet around.

My feet lifted off

the pools bumpy ground.


I started to swim

as happy as could be.

I felt like a fish

in a tropical sea.


I started to float

lying on my back.

I was not in control

and got stuck in a crack.


I got unstuck

and went to dive.

When I did

it was two o five.


My friends were over

to play with me.

We played many games

and had iced tea.


Soon it got dark

and we had to get out.

My friends had to leave

so I started to pout.


It was seven o clock,

the end of my day.

What a way to

spend a day in May.