Soccer Game


Today there is a soccer game

And I canít wait to play.

Iím heading for the field,

I hope itís an amazing day.


I am playing goalie,

I feel the fresh air,

Then what I see, exciting as can be,

The ball flying through the air!


I call to the defense,

The offense hears as well.

The ball is moving way to fast,

It was kicked by a boy named Drell.


I try to back up,

How I wish that ball were tame!

After that I felt a conk

And on the ground Iím laying lame.


My team-mates all rush over.

They ask, ďAre you OK?Ē

I just lay there saying,

ďSo much for that amazing day!Ē


My coach says he is sorry.

He knows Iím feeling down.

He thinks that he has cheered me up,

But still I wear a frown.


Today I learned to watch the ball

Although I really cried,

Now I know that itís OK,

At least I know I tried!