It’s 2:59

On a sunny Tuesday.

The bell has just rang



Once I get home

I turn on the TV set

I turn on to FOX

And I make a bet


I bet on the good.

I bet on the bad.

I bet on if people

will be happy or sad


Once it starts

I hear the title

Ryan Seacreast says,

“This is American Idol”


Paula’s too nice,

Randy’s ok,

but Simon’s the one

who makes my day.


The first runner up

is Melinda Dolittle.

An interesting fact is

She plays the fiddle


Randy says, “Yo dog that was great”

Paula cried with joy.

Simon says, “You do not sound like

a rusty old toy.”


Blake’s the next one on the stage

He’s really super cute.

Simon, Randy, and Paula agree

He did not make one bad toot.


Now the show’s over

It’s time for bed.

But I can’t go to sleep

There’s too much in my head.


Tomorrow’s the day

where we see who will win.

If Blake’s voted off

I will wear a grin.