David Beckham



David Beckham’s parents, Ted and Sandra had their second child on March 2, 1975 in London, England they decided to name him David Robert Beckham. He has 2 sisters Lynne and Joanne. David always liked soccer he also liked to draw people playing soccer. He wanted to play with Manchester United when was small. Later on David went to Chingford High school when he graduated he played with Manchester United in 1986 like he wanted. His position is a midfielder. In 1996 becks jump-started his career. In 1999 he married Victoria Adams, also his son Brooklyn was born 3 years later his second son Romeo was born, 3 years after that Cruz his last son was born.

       In 1986 David won 9 soccer competitions. David plays for England as his international team. In 2003 he wrote a autobiography, also that same year he went Real Madrid then L.A Galaxy and loaned to A.C Milan. Out of his whole career he played 513 goals and scored 103 goals.

       Becks inspired other soccer players by his great head goals.

I learned that I should play less rough and sports can get you money