Michael Jackson


Born on August 29, 1959in Gary, Indiana was Michael Jackson, 7th of 9 children.  A few years later, at a very young age, Michael Jackson became the lead vocalist of the Jackson 5.  The Jackson 5 became very popular and soon a record producer named Gordy signed the Jackson 5 onto his label in 1968.  As Michael Jackson grew up, he became a solo artist.  He made lots of money, and was able to adopt any pets who he loved.  Years later, Michael Jackson got arrested for sexual abuse of minor.  Eventually, the charges were dropped.  Michael Jackson, also in life, had two wives.  His first wife was Lisa Marie Presley, and Michael’s second wife was Debbie Rowe.  He also had three kids named Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. In 2009 Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest.

            Michael Jackson was a very famous man who made billions of dollars.  Even when he was a child he was famous.  In 1971-1973 the Jackson 5 had their own self titled cartoon show.  Also in 1971 the Jackson 5 came out with album “Off The Wall.”  Many years later Michael Jackson invented his own move called “The Moon Walk.”  He also had an album in 1982 called “Thriller” which sold 27 million copies.  Ten years later Michael Jackson came out with his album “Dangerous,” and in 1995 he came out with his album “History, Past, Present, Future.”  Later on Michael Jackson became so popular he was named the king of pop.

            Michael Jackson was an entertainer, and an impact on many people.  He was also an amazing singer and dancer.  Michael Jackson also cared lots about children too.  That is why he donated so much money to charities.  Michael even took needy children to his house, let them play, and helped them with their illnesses.

            Michael Jackson was an admirable man.  He was an admirable man because he was such a good dancer and singer.  Michael also cared lots about animals, children, and the earth.  That is why he had many pets, and donated so much money to charity.

            Everyone can learn a lesson from Michael Jackson because he did so much.  People can help needy children by donating clothes or money to charity.  Many people could help creatures or the earth too.  Just like Michael Jackson!