Charles M Schulz




Charles M. Schulz, one of the best illustrators, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1922. His parents were Carl and Dena Schulz. When he was about four years old, his uncle gave him a nickname. He called Charles Sparky. A few years later, he played little league and youth soccer. Almost 30 years later, he got married to Joyce Halverson in 1951. 21 years later, they got divorced. Charles felt very lonely, so in the same year, he remarried Jean Forsyth Clyde. Together, they had 3 kids. Charles had already started drawing his first 5 characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Shermy, and Lucy. He drew them into strips to see what they would look like. Charles based Charlie Browns miserable life to his. Then, he added the other 5: Marcie, Woodstock, Freeda, Linus, and Sally. Charles got an animator to make his characters into shows and movies. All of them were a hit. After his last movie, he realized he had a disease. When he knew, he retired on December 14th 1999. After he retired, he made a strip to tell everybody. He retired on January 2000. Charles couldn’t get the medicine for his disease so he died on February 12th, 2000.                                                                                

Spike, Charles’s black and white dog, gave him the snoopy idea. First, he called his movies Lil Folks in 1950. His first strip was in the same year. He kept making strips and movies over the years. In 1958 he was the cartoonist of the year. He was the first cartoonist to be awarded two Reubens by the national cartoonists’ society in 1964. Also, Charles was named grand marshal of the tournament of the roses parade in Pasadena, California in 1974. The same year he received an Emmy award for his 10th movie, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Over the years, he made more movies. He won another Emmy for you’re a good sport, Charlie Brown! In1975. About 10 years later, what have we learned, Charlie Brown, won a Peabody award. In 1996, he earned a star on the walk of fame.                                                                                                                                       

By creating the peanuts gang, he entertained and brought joy to many people. Since so many people liked Charles, there are many items that are now snoopy and the gang. The people even made Dorney Park based on the gang. They did that because Charles brought laughter to many parents and children by making his characters very humorous.                                                                               

I think he is remarkable by creating the peanuts gang. I think that because it gave joy to me my family and a lot of others. There is another reason why he is remarkable and that is that he never gave up and he achieved his goals. I think that is something everybody should do.                                                     I have learned great lessons from Charles. One of them is that he kept trying to achieve his goals because he kept trying to draw the peanuts gang and he never gave up. Another reason is that even though he thought he was a loser, he kept trying and never gave up. I think you should never give up and keep trying. Those are reasons I like Charles, too.