Kristi Yamaguchi


Kristi Yamaguchi was born on July 12, 1971in Fremont, California near Oakland. Her life was hard growing up because she had a clubbed foot. So it was hard to wear a brace to bend her foot back into place. Surprisingly, she started skating at 6 years old! She had to wear special padded skates so that her clubbed foot wouldn’t hurt. Her mom was a medical secretary and her dad was a dentist. Both of her siblings were into sports. Her brother Brett, was on the school basketball team and her sister Lori, was on the school baton twirling team. Kristi started getting coached at 10 years old .Ever since she was little she wanted to be like Dorothy Hammil. Every time she puts on skates her we first place during a short program.

She is now working on Kellogg’s cereal and OPI nail care commercials. One of her endorsements was Milk Mustache.  

Kristi won the 1992 winter Olympics. She was only 20 when she won the winter Olympics. She won the world title then dominated that sport. She won numerous awards like gold medals and bronze medals. In 1992 -2000 she toured with stars on ice.    

Kristi had a big impact on younger children because she inspired them to go professional.   

I learned that Kristi works really hard to skate profession. I want to be exactly like her when I grow up