Cy Young


Cy Young, one of the greatest pitchers of all time was born on March 6, 1867 to his proud parents McKinzie and Nancy Young. Cy Young’s brothers names were Carl and Otto Young. His sisters were Lon and Ella Young. Cy Young lived his childhood in Gilmore, Ohio. Sadly, 88 years after his spectacular life, Cy Young died on November 4, 1955.

          The bulky 6 foot 2 inches weighing 210 pounds played for five teams including Cleveland Spiders, St. Louis Perfectos, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Naps, and Boston Rustlers. In 1891, he threw a record breaking 56 games for a starting pitcher altogether. In 1892, he threw a league leading 456 innings. Another event that occurred that year was that Cy Young won a league leading 36 games. Four years after winning a whopping 36 games, Cy Young got a league leading 3 saves! In 1905, Cy Young struck out a total of 210 to lead the whole MLB. Cy Young won the most games of all time. He won 511 games in his career. The closest that someone has ever gotten to Cy Young’s record was Walter Johnson, who won 417 games in his career. In his whole career, Cy Young struck out 2,803 people. He also lost a record breaking 316 games in his whole career. Cy Young his a record for a pitcher 19 home runs.13 years after he started his career, Cy Young pitched a perfect game with the Cy Young pitched three career no hitters. Cy Young started the most games of all time. He started 749 games. They named an award after him for the best pitcher in the league. They named it the Cy Young award. Cy Young got inducted into the hall of fame in 1937. Cy Young threw more than 400 innings 5 times in his career. Cy Young is currently the only pitcher to beat every single team twice. To top all of this record breaking off, Cy Young threw 27 scoreless innings in as row! No one has ever gotten close to that!

          Cy Young has an impact on other peoples’ lives. Cy Young has helped children over the course of the years. He showed children how to hit, pitch, and field. Also, Cy Young started charities to help children in need with terrible diseases. Cy Young had an award named after him because he played baseball the proper way. He did not cheat, gamble or take steroids on his team. That is why Cy Young has an impact on other peoples’ lives.

          I admire Cy Young. I admire Cy Young because he helped people all around the world. Another reason why I admire Cy Young is because he helped people with all of the fundamentals of baseball, even at a very old age. One last reason why I admire Cy Young is because he did not take drugs.

          A lesson that could be learned from Cy Young is that there is a proper way of playing baseball, just like Cy Young did. Another lesson that could be learned from Cy Young is that you have to play the sport right to achieve your goals, just like he did.