Anne Frank



Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 to the proud parents Edith and Otto Frank. Her sisterís name is Margot. The Frankís house number is 263 on Frankfurt main, Germany. Anne is a Jewish girl and for her 10# birthday she got a diary and wrote every thing that happened in world war2. And she named her diary Kitty.

††††††††† The Franks moved to Holland so they would not be treaded badly. Unfortunly, they were not safe for to long because the Germans invaded Holland in 1940 and began persecuting the Jews. Anne and Margot were forced to go to a Jewish school. Otto Frank was not allowed to own his business because of the new rules the Nazis made. The Franks were sadly found by the Nazis and the Franks had to go to a contention camp but after a couple cruel years Anne and Margot got a bad sickness. Anneís parents got out and escaped and a friend to the family gathered the notes and gave them to the Franks and published the notes.

††††††††† Anne Frankís impact to me is if someone threatens you that they will hurt you, you should run away from them and hid so they do not hurt you but make sure your parents know already about this and you know that they can not help you and can not do anything about this hint this is not good but dose not usually dose not happen.

††††††††† Anne Frankís life was remarkable because the Anne and the Franks hid from Adolf Hitler so Margot had to work for him and every body else had to go to a concentration camp in the family and friends and they knew that they would probably have to stay there longer but they were not going to just let them take them so they thought they would probably not look there.

††††††††† I will not let anybody not let me stand up for my rites because that is my personality and hid from them so they could hurt me and that is my lesson learned.