Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant was born in August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia. Kobe Bryant has two sisters named Sharia, and Shaya. Kobe Bryant got his name from Japan and he went to school in Merion High School. Kobe made his first legitimate dunk when he was 14. Kobe took R&B star to his senior prom. Kobe Bryant married Vannessa in April of 2001. Kobe favorite video as he was a kid was “NBA Showman”.

Kobe Bryant got drafted from Merion High School to the NBA. Kobe became the youngest all-star in the NBA in 1998. Kobe had nine games scoring streak of at least 40 points per game in 2003. Kobe Bryant won the NBA championship in 2000.

Kobe Bryant has had an impact on many people. Kobe did charity work on many people by telling children in school that school is important. Kobe Bryant also helps people with dieses in India.    

Kobe Bryant had has a remarkable life because Kobe shot a ball almost from half court and made it on net. Kobe also shot a ball when he fell on the floor.

       The lesson I learn about Kobe Bryant was to do charity work like him. I will also help kids about how school is important.