Ichiro Suzuki



Ichiro Suzuki was born October 22nd, 1973 in Kangsugai, Japan. His father Nobuyuki Suzuki named him Ichiro because in Japanese it means first boy, but some say it means fast man. Ichiro grew up in Nagoya, Japan batting lefty and fielding righty. He started playing at age three and completely fell in love with baseball by second grade, and wanted to become a famous player someday. When he was in elementary school he liked riding his bike to school, and he earned good grades. After he got out of elementary school he went to Aiko-Dai Melden High School and went into the minor leagues, but he got called up to the Orix Blue Wave team in Kobe, Japan, a huge city in central Japan.

When he finished the minor leagues, he got drafted to the Seattle Mariners. He signed the contract December of 2,000. When Ichiro started his first game in the MLB there were tons of Japanese people chanting EE-CH-EE-RO, EE-CHEE-RO, EE-CHEE-RO, that game he made history. The first hit he had was a base hit and he ran to first base in 3.7 seconds! That year he won Rookie of The Year award, Silver Slugger award, and the Gold Glove award. He was the player of the month August of 2004. In 2006 he was Player of The Week June 4th and August 8th. He was All-Star MVP, Defensive player of the year, and Silver Slugger all in 2007! The last award he got was in 2008 and it was the Gold Glove award. As of 2008 he had 1,646 singles, 828 doubles, 68 triples, 84 homeruns 1,805 hits 515 RBIs, 973 runs, .378 OBP, .333 average, and 341 stolen bases.

Ichiro made an impact on a lot of peoples lives and one person was me. He made an impact on my life because I want to set a goal and then accomplish it when I grow up. Another impact on my life is to get a lot of awards.

Ichiro Suzuki has had a remarkable career because he got a lot of awards like the Gold Glove award, he has had good stats because he has 1,646 singles, and he achieved his goal by becoming a pro.

The lesson I learned was to set goals and achieve them.



























Ichiro Suzuki



By: Zack Komski