Bethany Hamilton; A Soul Surfer

By: Rhicki


A courageous girl. A tragic story. She is one girl, but she is an inspiration of many. She is an amazing girl who showed people never to give up. No one knew that an ordinary girl could change the world, itself. That girl’s name was Bethany, a soul surfer.

          On February 8, 1990, in Kauai, Hawaii, a professional surfer was born. Her name was Bethany Hamilton. The moment she was born, Cheri, her mom, and Tom, her dad were proud to see their newborn baby. Bethany’s two older brothers, Noah, and Timmy were happy to see her too! When she was just a toddler, Bethany was taught how to surf. Eventually, surfing was her passion.

          Bethany’s dream was to become a professional surfer. She followed her dreams, but it took a lot of practice to get that far. At the age of eight, Bethany decided that she should start doing tournaments. Her first competition was at the Rell Sun Menehune event on Oahu. She won both long and short divisions. Bethany has done many competitions, and may have gone home with ups or downs. At least she did not give up.

          On a Halloween morning, Bethany Hamilton went out to surf. While she was relaxing, a shark surprisingly bit her whole left arm. That day, she lost about 60% of blood! She must have struggled to get back on her board, but she did not let fear overcome her body. She once stated, “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” She had the “courage” to get back on her board and to start doing competitions again. In the month of January in 2004, she won the Best Comeback Award.

Eventually, she got much better balancing with her right arm, Bethany won first place in 2005 at the NSSA National Championships. With and years of practice she became a professional surfer in 2007. Her biggest dream came true. She showed me to follow my dreams and that you should never lose faith, in yourself.

          Because of Bethany, the world has changed. She has inspired people, such as me, by her faith, determination, and hope. In fact, she found new ways to inspire other people. For example, she has done charity work. Bethany has done World Division, Surf Aid, and Women’s Sport Education. In addition, she gave up her time to help people in Thailand. Bethany provided the people with food, shelter, and health. That is why I love Bethany Hamilton. She lets people come before her.

          Bethany Hamilton has a life that people cannot imagine. However, she is still a courageous girl who never decided to give up. She did not need anything easy. She just needed a chance.





Bethany Hamilton 29 Nov 2011




Bethany Hamilton 29 Nov 2011



Bethany Hamilton’s Charity Work 29 Nov 2011




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