David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on May 2, 1975 his parents names are David Edward Alan Ted Beckham, his mom is Sandra Georgina West. Only one of his parents worked his dad, his dad was a repair man. For most of his childhood he thought of becoming a football player. When he was old enough to go to high school he went to Chingford H.S a really good soccer school. Once he was in real pro soccer and was 18 he bought luxury cars. After a great game on England Revolution he saw that people liked him he also liked someone else to, it was Posh Spice from the Spice girls. When they married they did charity work like UNICEF, they are also going to be helping in the 2012 Olympics, and they help ambassadors too. He also made his own autobiography.                                 He was famous for all the things he did in his life. He was in movies or he was even in commercials or movies about him. He was17 on Manchester United. He was on England, Real Madrid, La Galaxy, USA, AC Mallon, now he is on LA Galaxy. He won the young player of the year award1997. He was phenomenal on all of these teams. When he was on Real Madrid they versed FC Barcelona. He got on United States of America by asking and he still did. He made a 60 yard shot and made in. He also made a 68 yard blasting kick into the goal. The goalie was mad when he scored. When David Beckham was on international teams like USA, and England.                                                                                   David Beckham has made an impact on people lives. David Beckham has made an impact on children lives by making a camp to learn how to play football. He even teaches how to do the rainbow, becknam bower chop, Beckham 360 degrees spin, and the frontward rainbow. He makes people want to play football when he plays football. He helps the earth by recycling, reusing, and reducing. Once when he was talking on the Today Show he said To always be active and always be healthy.                                                        David Beckham was and still is admirable. He is admirable because he accomplished things in life in soccer since 17. Hes also admired because of his great fashion sense. David Beckham is know almost anywhere for football. He still plays for good teams and use to. Its so cool how he made a 67 yard shot and went in like a formula 1 car. More and more people got mad at him since he scored that goal because he scored on them to.

            You can learn a lot of things from David Beckham because of what he did in life. He can teach how to be successful in life. He could teach how to be successful by doing great at what you are good at. I learned to practice if I want to be good. I also learned that to start a sport that you like at a young age. Always try new goals so they will be easier for you later and you can try other ones but even harder. Even have fun when you are losing too. I also learned that hard work equals success.
















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By Richard Roberts