Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 not knowing that he was going to be famous. He had eight brothers and sisters. His real name was George. His dadís name was George, and his momís name was Kate. They both ran a bar. Georgeís family was poor. His parents had a full time job. George had a ruff childhood. He went to St. Maryís. Then he got older and married a girl named Helen. They adopted a baby girl named Dorothy. Helen died in a house fire and Dorothy came to live with him. Later he got remarried to Claire Hodgson.

Babe Ruth is famous because of this. When babe was eight he was sent to St. Maryís school. When he was at St. Maryís he started to pitch at age 15. Babe went on the Red Soxís and he pitched and played on the out field. In 1916, he went to the Brooklyn Dodgers, he pitched 13 scoreless innings. In 1919 he was sold to the New York Yankees for $100,000.00. Babe made so much money for the Yankees that they built him stardom for him. He also was an outfielder for the Yankees too. He had 714 home runs in his career. In one year his Batting average was .847 Also 2062 walks and, 2211 RBIs. He was a famous athlete. Babe was one of the first five in the Hall of Fame.

George had a lot of impact on people.Babe loved kids; he met a boy in the hospital and told him he would hit a home run for him. The next game he hit two home runs for the kid. After that the kid got better. All the fans loved loves babe. He made baseball more interesting for people. He also was on a lot of films.

George life was very remarkable. Babe was a legend, at age 19 he was in the Major league Baseball at age 19. Babe was one of the greatest hitters of all time. He pitched a 13 inning shut out. Then he pitched another shut out eight innings. His 714 home run record stud for 54 years, boy was babe a home run hitting king. He also made base ball more exciting for his fans. When ever his team needed a run he would hit a homer. Man did babe slug his home runs. His shout out record stud for 43 years.