Six Flags


More Flags,

more fun.

This wonderful summer

has just begun.


You can go on many rides

an option is Superman,

Another thing to do it

fly high with Batman


When tired of riding,

go take a bite.

Ice Cream & Funnel Cake

and maybe some sprite.


You should bring a friend

maybe even two,

if you leave a little early,

you can stop by the zoo.


The Wild Safari

is its true name,

when youíre done you can

play boardwalk games.


The prizes you get

oh it really is great.

Your friends would be jealous

your mood is first-rate.


Itís the fastest.

Itís the tallest.

Itís not even close

to being the smallest.


What ride is this?

You may ask;

Kingda Ka!

Itís a blast!


As you can see,

this place is the best.

This is Six Flags,

now just wait till Fright Fest!



By: Sarah